InvoiceOcean - Bitcoin accepted here!

author Łukasz Kalinowski (Radgost), 2014-08-26

We are proud to announce that due to BitPay integration, you can now make and receive InvoiceOcean payments in BTC.

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Multilingual invoice

author Maria Seta, 2014-06-27

InvoiceOcean is a great solution for international entrepreneurs. 

One of the features that separates InvoiceOcean from competitors is a wide variety of available languages. Using our software, you can issue invoices in Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. There is also an option to issue bilingual invoices, combining any of the two languages. That way you can improve relations with your foreign clients' by adapting your accounting documents to their needs. 

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We won The Pirate Summit Warsaw 2014!

author Michał Stefaniak, 2014-06-16

On Tuesday, June 10th in Warsaw, an event was held under the name of Pirates on Shore Warsaw - it was a competition for the most interesting Polish startups, organized in collaboration with and The European Pirate Summit.


The organizers managed to invite the true elite of experienced sailors: John Biggs (TechCrunch), Max Gurvits (Teres Capital), Marcin Szeląg (Innovation Nest) and Dawid Kosiński (Spider’s Web). Young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to draw from their Silicon Valley experience and receive valuable mentoring advice.


The European Pirate Summit is one of the most important startup conferences, which brings together pirates from the European scene. A pitch battle took place which emerged two lucky contestants who will proudly represent Warsaw at TechCrunch Disrupt London and Pirate Summit Cologne during the European Summit 2014.

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Invoicing for iPhone

author Malgorzata Kozicka, 2014-06-03

If you're a business owner working in a fast paced environment, keeping track of accounting documents can sometimes be difficult. Invoicing your clients on time is one of the most important aspect of running a successful business. 

InvoiceOcean has a fully adapted mobile version for iPhones. Simply enter the website URL in your iPhone's browser and you will be able to enjoy every feature that is offered on stationary devices. 

Using InvoiceOcean on your iPhone gives you the following benefits:

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Invoicing for Mac OS X

author Łukasz Kalinowski (Radgost), 2014-05-22

A large number of users look for a simple invoicing software for Apple Mac OS X system. InvoiceOcean can be successfully used on Apple products as it is fully integrated. 



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A New Beginning

author Łukasz Kalinowski (Radgost), 2014-03-27

We are expanding. We have hired some new faces and now we're releasing InvoiceOcean, an invoicing software tailored for the British market. We are targeting medium and small business owners, as well as self employed entrepreneurs. 

Our vision is based on simplicity and security. We strive to provide a safe solution for those struggling with paperwork that is easy to use. Over the years we have put a lot of effort into the application's intuitive design.

The reason why we do it so well is because we value user feedback over anything else. Because we're a Startup company, we work in a small team and can implement those changes quickly and create a software that meets everyone's needs. Our users motivate us and help us grow. Hello Britain.

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