43 Pros & Cons Of Using ‘Due Upon Receipt’ Method For Invoice Payment Terms

Maрго  Овсієнко Maрго Овсієнко 2021-08-05
Due Upon Receipt method

Learn when you should be using ‘Due Upon Receipt’ method to get paid much faster for your services.

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10 Invoicing Tips for Small Business Owners

Karolina Seta Karolina Seta 2021-07-26

How can you make invoicing less painful and spend less time to this repetitive task?

In our guide, you will find tips on streamlining invoicing process without a hassle. Let's get started!

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Late payments: tried-and-tested tips to help you deal with it

Karolina Seta Karolina Seta 2021-07-19

Late payments can cause you a lot of stress and anger, but luckily there are ways to take control of them.
In this article, we'll show how to deal with late payments and how to prevent them from occurring in the future.

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Our newest monthly summary of InvoiceOcean updates for June 2021

Karolina Karolina 2021-07-09

Half a year has passed and summer is in full swing. This is definitely the perfect time to recharge your batteries, take stock and draw conclusions for the next six months. The holiday season is knocking on InvoiceOcean’s door as well, but work on updating the system continues uninterruptedly.
What new features have we implemented in June? Check it out!

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8 Tips for any creative agency to invoice clients correctly

Gladys Gladys 2021-07-06
design agency invoicing tips

Whether you are a photographer, artist, or graphic designer, video creator who uses online video editor platforms, here are tips to help improve your invoicing method, making sure that your client's needs are met and that your creative agency is paid right and on time.

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Top 7 Small Business Accounting Tips

Andre Oentoro Andre Oentoro 2021-07-06
accounting tips for small business

Read these actionable and light-hearted small business accounting tips to manage your company finances as a pro.

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