Use Cases of InvoiceOcean API in B2B and SaaS systems

Integrating the invoice service into your e-commerce system



the Store - e-commerce store system
the Client a person buying your product in the Store
the Panel user profile in the Store (available after login)

The store owner wants to automatically issue invoices to customers (after they purchase products in the Store), send invoices automatically, and allow the Client to download invoices through the panel. To do this, two API calls have to be added to the Store:

  1. When the paid order is recorded in the system, an invoice is created automatically via the InvoiceOcean API (API function: add new invoice) - the invoice can be immediately sent to the customer, or included in e-mails with information about the order confirmation.
  2. Also, the Client can always see the invoice for each order in their panel (API function: select all invoices).

Thanks to this, using only two API functions, the store's owners can quickly hand over invoices. All company invoices (those from the store and all others) will be in one place.

Integrating the invoice service into your SaaS system



Placedia - an online system for online accommodation bookings, where registered users can rent their accommodation to clients.
the User - is a person renting accommodation through Placedia
the Panel - administration panel in Placedia where the User is managing reservations

The creators of Placedia want the User to be able to issue and view invoices of their clients in the Panel. To do this, they add three API calls to Placedii:

  1. the User clicks "Enable invoice management" on the panel. Then, Placedia creates an account in InvoiceOcean for the user via API and downloads API_TOKEN, which he can manage (API function: creating a new account)
  2. When the User clicks "Issue an invoice" in the Panel, Placedia using API_TOKEN calls the API_TOKEN and creates an invoice (API function: add new invoice)
  3. The User enters the list of invoices in the Panel Then, using API_TOKEN, Placedia downloads a list of invoices from the User's account in InvoiceOcean and displays it in the panel (API function: select all invoices)

Thanks to this, using only three API functions, Placedia owners can hand over invoices in their system within a few hours.

It is possible to manage invoices from the panel level (create, edit, delete, print, send) as well as transfer the user to the InvoiceOcean system, where he will issue / edit / print / send invoices that will later be visible in the panel.

Additionally, by enabling the Payments module in InvoiceOcean, Placedia can receive information when someone pays the invoice issued by the user and automatically change the order status (API function: webhooks in auto-payment)

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