Our newest monthly summary of InvoiceOcean updates for March 2020

author Karolina, 2020-04-01

Hello, welcome to the monthly summary of new features in InvoiceOcean for March. Today we write a lot about imports and the category filter that appeared in several reports. Enjoy!

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Our newest monthly summary of InvoiceOcean updates for February 2020

author Karolina, 2020-03-02

Hello, we present another summary of new features and changes to the system. February this year has hardly felt like the shortest month, so our summary will not be shorter than usual either. Today’s reading can be interesting especially for those who use bank imports and the function of issuing receipts in InvoiceOcean. Enjoy!

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Our newest monthly summary of InvoiceOcean updates for January 2020

author Karolina, 2020-02-03

Hello! We have entered the first month of the new decade with a bang. We feel older and wiser with many experiences, but also happy that you were, and still are, with us - that for you we can constantly improve the system and promote the idea of ​​ecological invoicing.

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Bills vs Receipts vs Invoices: What's The Difference?

author Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj), 2019-01-15
Our system at Invoiceocean

If you use our system, you may be familiar that we have various options for you in terms of creating financial records or documents. You can create proforma invoices, which we recently discussed here, as well as credit notes, prepayment invoices, estimates bills, receipts and more. We will focus on bills, receipts and invoices here as many users get confused on their differences and which one to send out.

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When & How To Issue Proforma Invoices

author Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj), 2019-01-14
Proforma creation at InvoiceOcean

If you have used our system for a while, you may be familiar with some of our invoicing options. You can issue a wide range of documents using InvoiceOcean SaaS that include a standard invoice, credit note, bill, receipt and pretty much everything needed to run our business in terms of bookkeeping and to a degree accounting. However, one document we also have you should definitely check out or get familiar with is the proforma invoice.

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Freelance Invoicing Tips: Value Your Time & Money

author Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj), 2019-01-14
InvoiceOcean Unit Quantity

Some of the ways a client or business may try to do this is by asking you to do small projects, or less time-consuming project, on a pay-by-the-hour basis rather than a fixed rate. This will most likely benefit your client and not you because the client will know ahead of time you can finish the project quickly and pay you a meager amount for it based on the hourly rate they may try imposing on you. Make sure you discuss your options with your clients ahead of time as our system at InvoiceOcean offers various options for unit quantity on invoices.

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