Reaktor Warsaw - this is where we work. Learn about the benefits of coworking

author Malgorzata Kozicka, 2015-10-05

Startups and coworking are a match made in heaven. Why rent an office when you just need a desk?

The fundament of coworking is sharing space, but working on separate projects. It's up to you whether you want to work on something personal, or catch up with company deadlines. Coworking is perfect for ultra-creative startup owners, but it's also a great solution for enterprising small business owners. But what exactly makes coworking so great?

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FIFO vs LIFO Accounting

author Malgorzata Kozicka, 2015-10-01

We have improved InvoiceOcean's warehouse documentation module by adding support for FIFO and LIFO queueing, including profit margin report generation. Not familiar with FIFO/LIFO? Read on - in this article we'll explain both concepts and give some tips on effective warehouse management.

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Stop wasting money! Read about 5 ways our e-invoicing app helps you reduce costs

author Malgorzata Kozicka, 2015-09-30

Are you looking for new ways to save money? You've probably talked to tax advisors, outsourced some services and negotiated better rates for your phone and internet connections. At this point, it seems that there's nothing more you can do. Wrong! You can save even more with online invoicing.

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How to Save Money With Online Invoicing

author Malgorzata Kozicka, 2015-05-08

In today’s market carriers are always in search of ways to cut down expenses. There are many online accounting sites to choose from - make sure you pick the right one for your needs. Consider InvoiceOcean: an easy to learn, fully-featured e-invoicing solution.

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Our path from the beginning to where we are now, presented at OpenReaktor#29

author Filip Kniola, 2014-12-04

InvoiceOcean's 8 month development journey presented at Reaktor Incubator, Warsaw. Filip also covers issues the team was facing while marketing an ''uncool'' product.


How to Market Uncool Products - Filip Knioła, InvoiceOcean from on Vimeo.

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InvoiceOcean at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 in London

author Filip Kniola, 2014-10-21

InvoiceOcean is taking part in this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt which is, for the first time, hosted in London between 20th and 21st of October. Several countries, including Lithuania, Czech Republic and South Korea have been assigned with their own pavilions. Polish startups coped with no additional support and were a fairly large part of the Startup Alley. Polish startups that presented at Disrupt Europe 2014 were:

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