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InvoiceOcean is the leading online invoicing and warehouse management software

About us

We are providers of an online invoicing and warehouse software. We have been providing services to over 500,000 companies, from startups to corporations, for over a decade.

Our team consists of more than 75 professionals who work every day to ensure that businesses from Slovakia (Bitfaktura.sk), Czech Republic (Bitfaktura.cz), France (VosFactures.fr), Poland (Fakturownia.pl), Spain (BitFactura.es) and other countries (InvoiceOcean.com) can save time and focus on their business with our online invoicing and warehouse management software.

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since 2010

Establishment of the company

Marcin, Michał, and Paweł establish Fakturownia as an internal solution for their company. The team consists of 3 people.

Bonjour France

Onset of services for entrepreneurs from France.

Product development

Creation of the mobile application, a module integrating the invoicing program with fiscal printers and a module for accounting offices.

Ahoj Češi

BitFaktura enters the Czech market.

Hola españoles

Onset of services for entrepreneurs from Spain.

Product development

We start operating our own app store with external applications. The clients in our software issue over 3 million invoices monthly.

Ahojte Slováci

Onset of services for entrepreneurs from Slovakia.

Our team

Our team is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals who combine their passion for technology with their knowledge of finance and business.

We are a team that loves what it does. A growing group of satisfied users motivates us to grow and develop. It is for them that we introduce new features and it is they who influence the final shape of InvoiceOcean. Thank you!

  • Patrycja

    Ruby on Rails Developer

  • Łukasz

    Customer Support Specialist

  • Michał

    CMO, Co-founder

  • Alicja

    Project Manager

  • Lidia


  • Izabella

    Administration Specialist

  • Jarosław

    Customer Support Specialist

  • Michał


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