5 Ways to Track Project Performance

Angie Angie 2021-11-30
project mangement

Any business, regardless of its size, needs an efficient project management strategy to organize labor. As most of the work is performed in teams, there is a need to manage and harmonize their activities to achieve optimal results.

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Best Ways To Manage Finances As A Thriving Startup

Angie Angie 2021-11-09
managing finances in a competitive industry

Learn how to better manage our finances as a thriving startup in a competitive industry.

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Black Friday – The Best SaaS Deals

Margo Ovsiienko Margo Ovsiienko 2021-11-08
black friday SaaS deals

Check this amazing Black Friday list of the best SaaS tools that you can buy at just a fraction of their price. Boost your business performance by investing wisely in the technology.

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Break-even point - How to calculate?

Margo Ovsiienko Margo Ovsiienko 2021-10-28
break even

Break-even point formula is Fixed costs / (Sales price per unit – Variable cost per unit). Break-even point is a situation where business costs and total revenue are equal. When doing a break even analysis, one should calculate units or dollars needed to cover company expenses.

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How to Create a Business Plan (in under 1 Hour)

Margo Ovsiienko Margo Ovsiienko 2021-10-13
how to create a business plan

Download a good business plan template. Learn how to write a business plan in no time. Business plan in 7 simple steps. 

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How I Spend 3x Less Time on Invoicing by Automating Tedious Tasks

Margo Ovsiienko Margo Ovsiienko 2021-10-07
invoicing simple

Learn how to cut down time spent on creating and sending invoices to your clients. 

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