Safe invoicing


At InvoiceOcean we put a lot of effort into making our software as secure as possible by taking advantage of the latest safety standards and protocols as well as being compliant with any requirements imposed by institutions our users operate in. These are the factors that guarantee a completely secure experience using our tool.

We ensure you that all of your data is only available to you. Our customer service specialists do not have access to your documents or to any information regarding your customers or products. Your data is also in no way distributed to any third parties.

Logging into InvoiceOcean takes place from the Client Zone where you enter your unique username and password. If you registered via Facebook or Google account, simply use the login and password provided there.

Backups - All of your data is backed up daily in the Cloud. That way, in an unfortunate event of data loss - we are able to retrieve it. 

Data encryption - data transmission between your device and InvoiceOcean is protected by SSL certificate, same solution that is used in online banking.

What can you do to ensure that InvoiceOcean is even safer:

  • while registering enter a password which contains number, lowercase and uppercase letters. Remember that this data should be kept secret - do not save it and do not disclose it to anyone.
  • always log in from, make sure that the login page address starts with the https prefix, which is the protocol responsible for the security of the connection.
  • use only trusted computers and mobile devices.
  • change your password regularly via user profile page.
  • after finishing working in the system, be sure to log out.