We guarantee a secure invoicing

Read the tips below and work with us to keep your data secure.


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How to log in to InvoiceOcean securely?

Carefully read the messages and warnings that appear when you log in, especially those related to security. Don't forget that scammers can spoof websites to make them look like ones you know well. If you've been caught off guard by a site or had to deal with unusual activity, contact us at

Don't open suspicious emails and attachments; they can infect your devices with viruses.

Do not open login links from email messages; this may be a phishing attempt. This applies to every email address you have and every message you receive.

Familiarize yourself with the login security options offered by InvoiceOcean:

Do not use search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to access the login page. Search results might find links to fake sites. Instead, go to the following website: and click on “Login” or manually enter the address of the login page

Make sure you are on the right page:

  1. check that the browser displays the address field of the site: or,

  2. verify that the address begins with “https://”,

  3. check that the padlock sign appears in front of the website address in the browser window; this means that the connection is encrypted, i.e. all data exchanged between your browser and servers is also encrypted,

  4. never ignore browser warnings about an invalid security certificate,

  5. check the correctness of the security certificate – it should be issued for; this is done by:

    1. at click on the padlock on the left side of the address,
    2. enter Certificate (Valid) in the drop-down menu,
    3. check that the certificate has been issued for

Using the system

The security of use of our website is extremely important to us and therefore, we guarantee that when you use the application, the data on it will only be accessible to you. Employees of the website do not have access to the documents issued and no information regarding clients, products or other data published on the website is disseminated in any way.

InvoiceOcean allows you to assign a status (sent, paid, unpaid) to an invoice so you don't have to edit it again.

Login to the system – there is a customer area on from which you should login to the site. Login name and password are assigned when you first register in the system. If you used a Facebook or Google account to register, the login names and passwords assigned to you on these services will also apply on InvoiceOcean.

Backups – all data about clients, products and issued accounting documents are saved every day (data backup), so we guarantee that you will not lose them.

Data encryption – data transmission between and client's computers is secured by an SSL certificate. Similar solutions are used in electronic banking.

What can you do to make InvoiceOcean's usage safe?

  • when registering, choose a strong password containing numbers, special characters and upper and lower case letters; remember that these details should be kept secret, don't store them anywhere and don't disclose them,
  • verify that the address begins with “https://”,
  • always log in to , make sure the address on the login page starts with the prefix “https”, which stands for the protocol responsible for securing the connection,
  • only use trusted computers and mobile devices when logging in,
  • change your password on your user profile regularly,
  • when you're done, don't forget to use the Logout button.

Report security risks

If you've noticed a security threat (received an invoice created by an InvoiceOcean user that you weren't expecting, received a suspicious email asking you to log in to your account or provide login credentials when trying to log in to your account, the system is missing SSL, or you've noticed something that may indicate that the login page was copied for phishing, etc.), let us know!