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InvoiceOcean is a SaaS e-invoicing tool founded in 2013 and based in Warsaw, Poland. Our product is a simple application that allows its users to issue a variety of invoice-related documents online. We include companies like Zoho, Freshdesk, Xero and Debitoor among our competition.  


What differentiates InvoiceOcean from other e-invoicing apps is its universal and adaptable capabilities. The application lets issue bilingual invoices from a wide range of available languages and converts prices to all world currencies, including Bitcoin.


InvoiceOcean was ranked 8 on a list of 20 Invoice Solutions That Offer More Than Just Invoicing by and 13 on the list of 27 Free Invoicing Tools for Businesses on a Budget by


InvoiceOcean is a side project by the creators of Fakturownia, the Polish version of the app. It quickly attracted its own user base and motivated us to launch two new language versions of the software: for Spanish-speaking users and for the German market. The app is already used by more than 150 000 users around the world.


InvoiceOcean's team is currently made up of Marcin Stefaniak (CEO), Michał Stefaniak (CMO), Paweł Deryło (CTO), Maria Seta, Małgorzata Kozicka, Łukasz Kalinowski, Piotr Wojciechowski and Maciej Satkiewicz. Our founders were featured on the list of 50 Most Creative People in Business 2016 published by Brief Magazine.


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Media about us


“InvoiceOcean expands on your accounting and financial capabilities handled in-house by offering a more in-depth set of tools to handle invoices, estimates, and receipts in multiple languages in currencies.”


“InvoiceOcean is intuitive software that allows efficient invoicing, with the option of issuing bills and receipts, creating charts, integrating PayPal and recording company spending.”



“The process of issuing invoices itself isn’t that innovative, but it can be done in an innovative way.”



“There are [...] companies that offer more solutions beyond billing for free or at a very low cost”



“The startup will be pitching at TechCrunch Disrupt London as a result of winning Pirates On Shore pitch competition in June.”



“It doesn’t happen every day, to see a team behind a company so dedicated to their craft as much as the guys from InvoiceOcean are.”



“When Michał, Marcin and Paweł came to work at Reaktor in 2012, they had been bootstrapping an invoicing platform Fakturownia for a while. We’re in 2014 and the guys work 100 percent on InvoiceOcean, a now global invoicing platform available in the US, UK, France and Poland.”


“Don’t let the elegant design of Invoice Ocean fool you, it boasts a robust feature set under the hood. [...] Invoice Ocean even goes above and beyond, with options to organize your staff into departments and manage warehouse related tasks like release or acceptance of goods.”