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“Organizing international conferences in Poland requires managing hundreds of invoices in different currencies and languages, while remaining in accordance with the Polish law. InvoiceOcean allows you to focus on your business and give your clients a useful, flexible and reliable online tool. Their customer support team’s sincere concern should be a role model for any company.”

Paweł Czerski
Conference organizer Front-Trends

“I am using InvoiceOcean and I am very satisfied. The program is simple to use and very intuitive. My employees adapted the software with no prior training. I particularly like the feature that lets you send invoices and payment reminders from your personal email account. I was also pleasantly surprised by their competent phone service.”

Dominika Stryj

“I run a small business and I’ve been using InvoiceOcean from the beginning. It has allowed me to avoid many mistakes and always meet deadlines. Thanks to the clear and easy-to-use system, invoicing, tax calculation, reporting, payment tracking and reminder sending have become simple and hassle free.”

Małgorzata Moszoro

“The software is far more advanced and intuitive than any of which we previously used. A new employee is able to start working with InvoiceOcean after a few minutes introduction. It’s worth mentioning that the team customizes certain features for individual needs, in our case: warehouse documents. I strongly recommend it!”

Cezary Martynowicz

“InvoiceOcean made our work a cakewalk. It helped us overcome all the obstacles in our invoicing process, providing a great experience both for us and our clients. Services like this one are a step towards a better tomorrow.”

Shailesh Sharma
Everglow Eventus

“Stop! If you are still issuing invoices in Excel or Word prepare yourself for a big change, as it was for us. We expected InvoiceOcean to let us easily issue professional looking invoices, but we got even more. On the first day we organized our invoices, payment statuses and report results which show us where we stand on the way to our financial goal. Never before has such a small investment in software affected our motivation to sell so strongly.”

Dariusz Borowski
Business Edge

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