Our newest monthly summary of InvoiceOcean updates for January 2020

Karolina Karolina 2020-02-03

Hello! We have entered the first month of the new decade with a bang. We feel older and wiser with many experiences, but also happy that you were, and still are, with us - that for you we can constantly improve the system and promote the idea of ​​ecological invoicing.

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Bills vs Receipts vs Invoices: What's The Difference?

Mike  Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) 2019-01-15
Our system at Invoiceocean

Got confused on what bills, receipts, and invoices mean? Get a quick overview on the document differences straight to the point.

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Proforma Invoices – When and How To Issue

Mike  Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) 2019-01-14
Proforma creation at InvoiceOcean

If you have used our system for a while, you may be familiar with some of our invoicing options. You can issue a wide range of documents using InvoiceOcean SaaS that include a standard invoice, credit note, bill, receipt and pretty much everything needed to run our business in terms of bookkeeping and to a degree accounting. However, one document we also have you should definitely check out or get familiar with is the proforma invoice.

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Freelance Invoicing Tips: Value Your Time & Money

Mike  Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) 2019-01-14
InvoiceOcean Unit Quantity

Some of the ways a client or business may try to do this is by asking you to do small projects, or less time-consuming project, on a pay-by-the-hour basis rather than a fixed rate. This will most likely benefit your client and not you because the client will know ahead of time you can finish the project quickly and pay you a meager amount for it based on the hourly rate they may try imposing on you. Make sure you discuss your options with your clients ahead of time as our system at InvoiceOcean offers various options for unit quantity on invoices.

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How Invoicing & Online Payment Continues to Evolve

Mike  Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) 2019-01-03
eInvoicing is the future

Invoicing has changed over the years from a practice of pen and paper record keeping (if you really go back in time you can even mention inscriptions on clay) of transactions to a robust system of revenue and expense tracking that complies with government regulations and VAT collection. It is a way for a business to keep tracks of goods bought and sold through in itemized list.

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Some Ways Invoicing Differs in the U.S. and Europe

Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj) 2019-01-02
via Flickr (Commercial Use)

Sending and receiving invoices varies around the world with each country having its own system in place that governs invoicing standards. However, general trends are followed among member states in the EU (for the most part), or states in the U.S. It is when we have to send invoices across farther geographical regions that we start running into barriers or real differences in the invoicing process.

An example of this is paying sales tax in the United States vs VAT rates in Europe and the United Kingdom. Another example is whether we pay the invoice based on the tax rate of the supplier vs customer, which can vary in different parts of the world. Finally, there are differences in what needs to be included on an actual invoice for it to be considered legitimate.

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