Top 4 Ways Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Electronic Bill Payments

Srushti Shah Srushti Shah 2021-07-06

When was the last time you paid a utility bill with cash? A long time ago, perhaps even years ago? Well, we all have seamlessly adapted ourselves to the convenience of electronic bill payments. If you think that online banking is the last frontier of convenience in e-bill payments, wait until you learn about chatbots. 

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5 Tips on Writing a Payment Reminder Email To Get Your Invoice Paid

Téa Liarokapi Téa Liarokapi 2021-06-28
lightbulb sticker

Use this payment reminder email to receive your overdue payment today: "Dear [Name], This is your final notice regarding the overdue payment of invoice [Invoice Number] that is now [Number of Days] overdue. We tried to reach you several time, but it seems we were unable to."

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Faster Payments: 12 Hacks on Getting your Invoices Paid

Karolina Seta Karolina Seta 2021-06-23

Want to get paid faster? Learn the secret tips and get paid x2 times faster.

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A Complete Guide to Invoices for Small Businesses

Karolina Seta Karolina Seta 2021-06-08

Read the tips on creating invoices that got paid 2x faster. Create your invoice for free.

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Our newest monthly summary of InvoiceOcean updates for April 2021

Karolina Karolina 2021-05-07

Hello, welcome to the monthly summary of new features in InvoiceOcean for April. Today we write a lot about tags and a new feature regarding the Cost inventory report. Enjoy!

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What is Proforma Invoice & How to Make Proforma Invoice (+Template)

Margo Ovsiienko Margo Ovsiienko 2021-04-15
invoice template for proforma

A proforma invoice is an estimate or a preliminary bill you send to a client. Learn when you should create one and find out what proforma invoice template you should use to impress clients.

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