1. On the list of defined document cycles, we have added two additional columns: cycle end date and customer name data.

2. Data regarding defined document cycles can now be exported from the system - before this functionality was unavailable. The default export format is XLS.

3. In the payment module, we have added new filters - thanks to these you will now be able to divide payments into Income and Expenses.

4. If the product information, in the product list, contains a delivery code, it will be displayed on the product card. Until now this information was only accessible by opening the full product details using the edit button.

5. On the document list, we have added a new column, it can only be activated by the account owner or administrator. It will show you, who issued the given document for the account.

6. The system already has safety protocols which prevent document editing after a specified date or after printing a document. We have added a new security feature - blocking file editing after it has been issued.

Thank you for all the suggestions that you have directed towards us for perfecting the system. We would like to ask you to add them to our suggestion forum and to vote for other already suggestions - the amount of votes allows us to distinguish which features are considered a high priority for you!

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