Credit Note

Michał Stefaniak Michał Stefaniak 2014-05-22

A Credit Note is a document type issued to correct an error which has been made in a sales invoice that's been processed and sent to a customer. Each invoice may be corrected and it is the only proper form of accounting interference. Any type of annotations or corrections on the invoice are not acceptable. 


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European invoice

Łukasz Kalinowski (Radgost) Łukasz Kalinowski (Radgost) 2014-05-21

If any of your clients operate within the European Union, you are obliged to issue a European invoice. Such an invoice is not significantly different from the traditional, however, you need to remember to enter relevant additional details:


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4 ways to speed up the payment process in your company

Filip Kniola Filip Kniola 2014-04-28

Execution and management of payments are the key aspects of every company’s daily life. Their ease and quickness have an impact on the financial condition and current results. In order to simplify and speed up the payment process, change your mindset and step away from the traditional approach. Become familiar with four examples of effective ways to accelerate the payment process.

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How to simplify the payment process with online banking?

Filip Kniola Filip Kniola 2014-04-25

Online banking is a convenient alternative for traditional ways of conducting financial transactions. It allows customers to manage their finances on a secured website operated by the institution, which can be a retail bank, virtual bank, credit union or building society. As of 2014, over 69 Million Americans are using online banking.

E-banking combined with e-invoicing saves hours of time it would normally take to complete the process in a traditional way. Invoices can be paid by either cash or a bank transfer. The vast majority, however,  are paid via online banking. So far in order to check if an invoice has been paid, you were required to log into your online banking and check if your client has transferred the amount.

InvoiceOcean lets you simplify the process even more by allowing to import your bank statement to the system, which automatically changes the invoice status. In order to take advantage of the Banking feature you need to take the following steps:



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A European step towards paperless public administration

Filip Kniola Filip Kniola 2014-04-08

The European Commission’s proposal to implement rules regarding e-invoicing in public business sector has been accepted by the European Parliament.

This decision has the power to create great benefits for European businesses and public authorities, such as:

  • Creation of a standardized e-invoicing system for cross-border public administration
  • Cost and complexity reduction for European public administrators
  • New business horizons and quicker payments

It is now crucial to structure an e-invoicing standard, that will ultimately be implemented and accepted by every public authority in Europe.
Online invoicing is essential for paperless public administration in Europe. It offers both economical and environmental benefits. The implementation of e-invoicing in the European Union could save up to €2.3 billion per year.

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A New Beginning

Filip Kniola Filip Kniola 2014-03-27

We are expanding. We have hired some new faces and now we're releasing InvoiceOcean, an invoicing software tailored for the British market. We are targeting medium and small business owners, as well as self employed entrepreneurs. 

Our vision is based on simplicity and security. We strive to provide a safe solution for those struggling with paperwork that is easy to use. Over the years we have put a lot of effort into the application's intuitive design.

The reason why we do it so well is because we value user feedback over anything else. Because we're a Startup company, we work in a small team and can implement those changes quickly and create a software that meets everyone's needs. Our users motivate us and help us grow. Hello Britain.

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