Data processing

Check the way we process your data and get to know what are your rights



Since May 25th 2018 a general Regulation on Data Protection enters into life in the whole European Union. Therefore, we would like to inform you on processing your data and on your rights resulting from this fact.

Who is the controller of your data?

We, the Fakturownia Group is your data controller. Contact us if you want to get any information on processing your data. You can contact the data controller by writing to, and with the Data Protection Officer by writing to:

When do we gain your data?

When you enter our, contact us in various way (by e-mail, phone, contact form), use our Suggestion Forum or the Knowledge Base, you open an account in the system or use Mobile Application, at all those occasions you give us your data. The data we receive from you are the regular one. Transferring the data in each of the abovementioned cases is voluntary. Please remember however, that if you decide not to transfer the data it may be difficult to provide you with a complex service.

If you enable cookie files, you may experience some inconvenience while using the web site and the system. The site will not remember your language preferences, time zone or screen resolution. If you don't give us your contact data when sending an enquiry on a service, you will not receive an answer. Without entering your e-mail address, you will not be able to open an account, and without providing your invoice data you will not be able to choose the full version of Fakturownia.

What is the purpose of data processing and what is the legal basis for it?

If you enter our website, we collect and use the cookie files that are sent by your device. You can disable the files in your browser settings or customise their usage in the Cookie Settings tab. We will use the data to provide reliable work of our website, and to prevent and detect possible abuse, therefore ensure safety to people visiting our website. The data is also used to understand our visitors' behaviour and preferences better. It also constitutes the base to create statistics which help to understand what way of presenting and developing our Service will be more satisfying and attractive to you.

If you contact us using an e-mail, phone, chat, the contact form or leave a comment on our Suggestion Forum or Knowledge Base, in a public or a hidden form, you transfer your data to us. This is usually data concerning your name, surname, an e-mail address and phone no. It help us to contact you and answer all your questions and remarks. The data you give us, are transferred voluntarily.

If you open an account in the system, the data you give while the registration process and the one you give to issue an invoice for a service, is processed in order to provide the services according to the Terms of Service, and are necessary to provide the Service. All other data you enter into the system is given voluntarily. Your data is also processed in order to adjust the way the content is displayed, for statistics purposes, to improve the system and the webpage and for the purpose of our own marketing. All the activities are performed on the basis of so called justified interest of the administrator. Your data is processed for the marketing purposes after gaining your consent to do so. You can however, withdraw the consent at any time by editing your profile in the Software.

How long do we process your data?

When you enter our web page, we will process your data for such a period of time that we need to enable you comfortable usage of our website. It help us to remember when you visited us, how you found us (identification of the page that led you to us) and what your preferences are. It allows to recognise your device and show the site in an appropriate way. Thanks to the data, the website is adjusted to your needs (in terms of language, colour, setting, etc.). We will stop processing your data once you disable cookie files and file an objection.

When you contact us, we start to process your data in order to answer all your questions and provide feedback to your suggestions. Should you start cooperation with us, your data is processed to render the services only. In case we will not start cooperation after exchanging communication, you can ask us to delate your data from our base. Remember that by contacting us via the Forum or Knowledge Base, you may publish your data and then it will be accessible to all people visiting us. Please inform us once you want the data to be removed.

If you open an account in the system, your data is processed within the period of time necessary to render services, that is from the moment you open an account in the Software up to thirty (30) days from removing it. The thirty-day (30) period of data processing is connected with the Software backup, used by the Software Operator to enable data integrity while rendering the Service. When you purchase our Service, your data, together with the transaction documentation, will be archived in accordance with applicable laws. The period of data processing may be different, if the Polish or the European Law vests such a duty.

Who receives your data?

Please remember that when entering our webpage, you can adjust the way and scope the cookie files are used. If you visit our website, the recipients of your data are, for example, entities that provide us with tools to create statistics, such as the Google company which analysis movement on the site.. Similarly, when you are on our website or like our blog entry, information on you will be transferred to social networks. We want to learn more about people visiting us and ensure them access to information adjusted to their interests concerning our page. Therefore, your data may be gathered by third parties - Google and Facebook. Recipients of your data may also be entities which were authorised on the basis of applicable provision of law (e.g. courts and public authorities) as well as entities which offer services connected with the mail, polygraphic, printing, accounting and finance, administrative, counselling, audit, IT, technological and telecommunication.

If you contact us, depending on the form and purpose of the contact, your data may be transferred to our partners who enable us contact with the Counterparties. We contact you through e-mail, with the usage of our Contact Form, Suggestion Forum or Knowledge Base, thanks to such entities as Sugester and Sendgrid. Phone calls are provided by Pivo and TeleCube company. If you want to contact us via traditional mail, recipients of your data will be the companies that provide services connected with correspondence delivery and, in some cases, our account office

If you open an account in the system, recipients of your data are entities that cooperate with us and offer us their services. The data is received exclusively for the purpose and scope of performing the Contract. Those are entities within the European Economic Area and, in accordance with art. 45 point 1 of the Regulation, entities in the third countries and international organisations which are described by the Commission as ensuring proper level of data protection. In our case, these are for example Amazon Web Services - Fakturownia uses its servers; Sendgrid which enables sending documents by e-mail; PayPal, PayU and other providers of online payment systems as well as entities integrated with our system, each time you activate the integration. Recipients of your data may also be entities which were authorised on the basis of applicable provision of law (e.g. courts and public authorities) as well as entities which offer services connected with the mail, polygraphic, printing, accounting and finance, administrative, counselling, audit, IT, technological and telecommunication.

Is data transferred to third countries?

Choosing entities to commission performance of each service, we made the decision thinking mainly about the quality. If there are any entities which registered office is outside the European Economic Area, they are carefully chosen and the data transferred to them is performed under the decision of the European Commission, which certifies appropriate level of data protection by those entities.

What legal rights do you have in connection with processing your data?

You may request access to your data, rectifying it, removing or limiting the scope of processing it at any time. You may also withdraw the consent to process your personal data, file an objection and use the rights under the Regulation.

In order to exercise the rights contact us or the Data Protection Officer.

You are also eligible to file a complaint to supervisory authority that deals with data protection, should you find your data is processed with violation of the Regulation.