Switch to EcoInvoicing

Go green and save. By sending invoices electronically, you not only protect the environment but also save. Let's take care of our planet together and save 30%.

Discover the benefits of EcoInvoicing

  • Choose to be Eco!

    The first step towards being eco-friendly is raising awareness within your company. Electronic invoicing is no longer just a sign of modernity, but rather a standard approach. You already know that by not only sorting waste or saving materials, you pay less for their disposal, and your company emits fewer pollutants into the environment. By operating ecologically, a company cares for its good reputation and is perceived more favorably.

  • Environmental benefits

    Results show that transitioning to electronic invoices can reduce CO2 emissions by 40,000 tons annually. That's nearly 90% compared to paper-based correspondence.

    By choosing e-invoices, you help protect forests, save electrical energy and reduce environmental pollution and CO2 emissions. Lead by example!

  • Real savings

    By placing our banner on your company's website, you are not only raising ecological awareness for your customers, you also get a special discount! With the banner on your site, you get up to a 30% discount on any plan in InvoiceOcean.

What can I gain with EcoInvoicing in InvoiceOcean?

  • Environmental support and awareness

    Transitioning to electronic invoices reduces CO2 emissions. By choosing e-invoices, you protect forests, limit pollution, and inspire others to make ecological choices.

  • Established solution

    Used by over 600,000 entrepreneurs who have enjoyed its functionality and effectiveness in business management.

  • Sending documents electronically

    Sending documents electronically, ensures the fastest possible delivery at no extra cost.

  • Security

    We employ state-of-the-art security measures used in banks and financial institutions, including SSL encryption, and we hold an ISO 27001 certificate.

  • Easier document management

    You can easily archive and organize documents without the need to print and store them in folders.

  • Access anywhere

    Access to invoices is unlimited and possible from any location and device with internet access.

Promote EcoInvoicing and Get a Discount!

If you have your own website, you can receive up to a 30% discount on a subscription plan in InvoiceOcean.

  • 1. Paste one of the banners on your website*

    Click the button below the banner to get the HTML code to paste on your website.

    *By opting to use the discount code, you agree to publish the EcoInvoicing banner on your website for the entire duration of the promotional period covered by the plan at

  • 2. Submit your link and receive a 30% discount

    Paste your website link here with the EcoInvoicing banner to receive a 30% discount or a subscription extension.