Invoice is the primary sales document, containing detailed information regarding completed transaction. It is a legal document, which can be used as an evidence of an incurred debt. Properly issued invoice should contain the following information:

- The name and address of both seller and buyer, as well as their Tax Identification Number (TIN).

- Document issue date along with the date of filing or completion of delivery of goods or services.

- The word "Invoice" and document number.

- The name of product / service.

- Measurement unit and quantity of sold goods or the nature of services.

- Net price, net value, tax rate, vat and gross value.

- The amount of net sales value or services broken down by individual tax rate, tax exempt or non-taxable.

- The amount of total receivable with tax, expressed in figures.

-  The amount of total receivable with tax, expressed in words.


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Invoices can have their own forms and designs, however, must contain the above information. Invoice must also be issued in duplicate (original and copy). 


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