We are now strongly expanding into the UK with our UK-focused offering for invoices and our main UK site is now located at www.invoiceOcean.co.uk. The UK version of our SaaS or web app and eInvoicing solution has features specifically tailored for the region. An example of this is the PO or purchase number and VAT rates that are in tune with the UK rates that can be accessible with the click of the mouse from an invoice’s drop-down menu.

We have made numerous implementations to our international eInvoicing system -- accessible from www.invoiceocean.com -- into this UK version. We have also gained tools and insight from our 2016 acquisition of Invoice4U, a British-focused company that specialized in digital invoices. Their knowledge and insight into the British market and invoicing needs did not go unnoticed as there are still loyal customers to the former brand we cater to and work with on a regular basis using the older system.

Britain is a great move for us as the British market is international in scope. Many businesses do commerce with other EU nations, but also countries across the globe being that Britain is an island with a long history of international commerce. Britain is also an interesting strategic location due to its geographic proximity. It is in Europe in proximity, but literally has the world in its fingertips in terms of its sea and air routes. At one time you may recall the British empire was a colossus on the world stage with India, North America and Australia, as well as much of Africa being in its domain at its height.

It will be an interesting for us to evolve as the British market and invoice system evolves. I just read an article this morning on Britain's economic policy uncertainties and changes that may be coming by the New York Times, titled, Austerity Is Over, Britain Says, Despite Brexit Uncertainty. The coming years should prove both exciting and somewhat of a challenge in the post-Brexit world to see how companies within Britain will function with the rest of the EU and if invoices will follow suit to any changes that may occur. Our system is created for dynamic and on-the-fly revisions as changes occur. This is one of the benefits of using a SaaS system with web apps rather than manual software updates that have to be configured by users individually. Our system changes on the fly as we see fit and we rely on user feedback to help us in this regard as well.

Invoicing is something that will not go away and no matter where Britain’s future lies, companies will want an efficient and international in scope eInvoicing solution. We at InvoiceOcean offer this through our SaaS-based product that features currency exchange rates being calculated automatically as well as multiple language support. Our exchange rates offer most if not all the currencies being used worldwide as well as the Bitcoin for crypto enthusiasts. We are also a startup that is willing to grow and evolve our products with feedback and coming changes related to finances or regulations. 

There are many benefits for UK companies to start adopting electronic invoicing right now. The EU is mandating companies in the public sector to switch to eInvoicing by 2020 and whether UK will be bound by this or adopt similar or different measures remains to be seen. However, even if not, UK companies will save operational expenses, time and trees if they adopt eInvoicing practices today and remain a step ahead of competition. We hope our launch into the UK will be successful and entrepreneurs of all sizes will give our system a try. We have very competitive rates and current discounts for early adopters. So check out our new UK-centric site and product solution at www.invoiceocean.co.uk.