A few days of May have passed, so we look back to check what April has brought to InvoiceOcean. Enjoy!


1. We enabled the display of EAN codes on all invoice templates. Until now, barcodes were only visible on the Default template.

2. Until now, prices and currency of sales were shown in the product list in relation to the product card. 

The introduced change modifies the displayed data about the product depending on the selected warehouse, if the data in the warehouse differs from those on the product card.

3. The Slovenian language will soon appear among the interface languages ​​of the InvoiceOcean system. Currently, translations are underway and the language setting is only visible to beta testers. If you want this language to be activated on your account, contact us.

4. InvoiceOcean in Georgian. The new language version of our system is now available to Users.

5. If you are using your own invoice export, you can choose to export a private note on the document. To do this, use the {{internal_note}} variable.

6. The additional field in the invoice is an own User field that can be added on the invoice template. For several days now, your own field on the invoice is moved to the internal evidence template.

7. The date of receipt of the document has been added to the list of expense invoices as a search criterion for the entered costs.

8. In the unpaid invoice report, a checkbox  “Show invoices paid after the chosen time period” has been added. This change is useful when checking documents from a selected time period. By checking the checkbox, you can check the actual state of payment for the documents for the indicated day. 


9. If you use the quick sale panel, you can now enter the buyer's TIN directly from the POS.

10. Adding and removing attachments to invoices is saved in the activities related to documents.

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