Autumn is greeting us, dropping first leaves from the trees - the end of summer came far too quickly. We want to keep the memories of sunny August and present the new features that have appeared in InvoiceOcean during summer time. Check them out!


1. Freedom to manage invoices from deleted departments

Do you want to delete one of your company departments and wonder what will happen with the documents assigned to it? You have the possibility to choose the department that you want to assign the invoices from the deleted department. Previously, documents were transferred to the main department, now it is up to you to decide where they should be moved.

What happens when the main department is deleted? As in the case described above, you also choose the department you want to be the main one from now on. Previously, when deleting the main department, the oldest department became the main one by default. We want to give you the maximum freedom in the use of available features, which significantly affects the operation of your business in our program, hence we have introduced these changes. Are they helpful? Let us know :)

2. New filtering and export options

  • In the Products category, it is now possible to export selected products from the full list of products.

  • In the invoice list, you can now filter invoices by the minimum and maximum net price.

3. New Tunisian Dinar symbol

  • We’ve changed the display of the Tunisian Dinar symbol from Arabic characters to TND.

  • We regularly add helplinks, i.e. circles with a question mark in the middle, in our program. You can find them, for example, on the recurring invoice form. When you click on them, a short message appears, which is supposed to explain the task of the field it is placed next to. You can notice arrows in the bottom right corner of each message - by clicking on them, you will be taken to a broader entry on that particular topic in our Knowledge Base. We encourage you to use helplinks, as they will certainly make your work with the program easier.

Thank you for your support and lots of ideas for new features that you send us!

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