Hello, welcome to the monthly summary of new features in InvoiceOcean for March. Today we write a lot about imports and the category filter that appeared in several reports. Enjoy!

1. Do you tag your products? The import of products into the system has been extended with the possibility of tagging in order to facilitate the automation of tagging and uploading historical data into the system.

2. A new category filter has appeared in the reports below:

  • Products: sales
  • Products: purchase
  • Invoice list
  • List of expenses
  • List of unpaid invoices
  • Clients

3. If you issue warehouse documents according to the FIFO principle, when editing a product, you cannot change an already assigned warehouse.

To make such a change, use the MM document.


4. Data recording about the transaction concluded with an automatic payment did not include the client's address details, unless he checked the box “I want to receive an invoice”. An amendment has been introduced that saves data such as: street, city, zip code on a document such as a receipt generated after making an AutoPayment.

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