October ends, so it's high time we summarized our work done over the past 30 days. It is a quick read for those who want to keep up with the news lately added to the system.



1. Our users have asked us some questions about how to swap the customer and seller data on invoices. We have prepared for you a CSS code that can be pasted into the field Customize print with CSS. We also describe the case in the knowledge base.

} @media all {
#seller { float: right; width: 49% !important; vertical-align:top !important;}
#left { float: left; width: 49% !important; vertical-align:top !important;}

2. We added a checkbox that allows you to search products you sell online.

3. You can filter your documents by warehouses on the documents list.

4. Another new feature regarding data grouping! This time it's all about your customers: you can group them by countries. You can select this category by going to Clients > Customize the column display.

5. We've improved our integration with Sugester: from now on, your InvoiceOcean and Sugester customer databases are being synced in real time. What's more, you will be able to follow your customers payments - they will be appearing as incidents on your clients profiles.

6. If you tick the Show additional buyer description checkbox we've just added in Settings > Account settings > Print settings, the additional description (entered below the basic Client data on the invoice form) appears on the document. Please note that this feature works only with the Default, Gray and Plain Black templates.

7. We've prepared an article that shows you how to change the name and URL of your account.

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