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  • Quick document insertion

    Use our software on your computer and with the mobile app

  • Quick document exchange

    Exchange documents with your accounting office thanks to secure cloud access

  • All types of documents

    You get access to all types of accounting documents or exports to accounting programs

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Accounting services without an office visit? It's easy!

  1. Remote access

    Are you tired of filling out documents and looking for them all over the office before visiting your accountant? Move them to the cloud! Remote access makes it easier for you, your colleagues and your accountant: you can insert documents from anywhere, send invoices to your client and create reports. Your accountant will have remote visibility of your invoices and, if necessary, load them into the accounting software they use.

  2. Everything in time

    Do you mark the day you hand in your documents to the accounting office in red on your calendar? You can forget it! With online access, your accountant will have constant access to the documents you issue, allowing them to prepare all returns on time without any hassle or nerves. Want to go through a transaction or how to issue a document with your accountant "on the fly"? InvoiceOcean will give you the tools you need.

  3. Benefits for your company

    • You don't have to issue or send paper documents, saving you time and money;
    • You only send documents to your contractors; your accountant can access them permanently online;
    • The accounting office can check the accuracy of the documents before they are sent to your contractors;
    • By sending your documents electronically, you protect the environment and you can get a discount on InvoiceOcean!
    • You can use the services of your chosen accountancy firm, and it doesn't have to be the one nearest to you;
    • You can forget about appointments and visits to the accountant's office.
  4. Benefits for your accountant

    • Constant access to documents allows the accountant to work systematically without worrying about deadlines;
    • The accountant gets the ability to export your documents to accounting programs without manual data entry;
    • Some files are created and uploaded by the accountant directly to InvoiceOcean;
    • The accountant does not need to see the clients in person at the office, but can contact them via InvoiceOcean;
    • Need more arguments FOR? Contact us!

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