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Summary of Our Latest Features

Mike  Lata (aka Maciej Duraj)

Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj), 2018-10-31

The last time we made a summary of changes in our blog was March of this year. That is quote a while ago. Since then, we have made some additional major changes to our invoicing system that are worthy of note. However, lets focus on the last few months of changes that way you will know our latest additions in case you missed them through your regular invoicing.

1. One of our latest and interesting innovations is that we changed the additional line text to “add item.” This makes it easier for new users this is where products go. We also have a section right next to it now called “Add,” which will allow you to format your invoice better with a text line or a page break.

-A text line will create a horizontal line of text without other inputs present you can enter below each item.

-A page break will break up the list into possibly different sections or categories of products

2. Another new feature is that we added the option of printing a document in a given currency that is set up in the account in addition to a separate document currency.
3. In the case of cancelling an invoice that has an attached warehouse document that was created, the user may quickly also cancel the warehouse document by clicking on the right options and without necessarily going back to the warehouse menu.
4. Correction note has been revised a bit to make it easier the type of document that was created.
5. Security options related to keeping only certain IP addresses available to log in from into an account were broadened to include subnetwork mask. You can choose what IP addresses to allow under settings > configuration > Allow users and administration to access your account only from chosen IP. Note, this option is only available in the Enterprise package.
6. Those of you who are integrating InvoiceOcean with SMS API can use more variables.
7. We added an option to allow you to set up your own time to send out a recurring invoice in a given day rather than just the standard time of 10 am or 11 am.
8. We created an option to add a new user to an account in the system with the implementation of user.
9. We made some changes to the warehousing system we have with regards to the information related to warehousing and the specific tying of AG and RG documents to products using the FICO (first in first out) principles of accounting. Additional warehousing actions can show various currencies of exchange and even change them to the main currency set up.
10. With regards to exporting an invoice in the form of a pdf file, there is additional information about the currency related to the transaction.