In order to store information about your use of our service and to make the user experience as seamless as possible for you, our website stores cookies. Read on to learn more about cookies, how they work and the reason we use them.

What are cookies? 

In a nutshell, cookies are information saved from your PC, tablet or smartphone Web browsing habits. Cookies contain computer data necessary for a website to function optimally for your needs. 

The way they work is that we collect information that may contain your browsing and personal data while you are visiting a website or mobile app. However, despite collecting this data, we only use it for certain purposes beneficial to you: remembering your last visits so you can have auto logins and auto forms presented to you without having to fill the information out again. Alternatively, we may recommend a service you might be interested in on your next visit to our app or website.

We use temporary and persistent cookies:


  • temporary cookies: Files left on your device until you log out from a website or close your browser.
  • persistent cookies - Data collected that is saved in your browser history for a certain period of time. You will be able to identify such data in your browser settings. These forms of cookies make it easier to navigate websites you frequently visit because they remember your chosen layout, language, resolution and more.


Types of cookies further divided:

  • technical: These cookies are always enabled and necessary for a website to function properly. They help you remember when you last visited a website, what website you were redirected from and what your browsing preferences are. These cookies also help to recognize your device of use and display the website best for the device. They also help the website configuration to set in adjusted to your needs: language, layout, etc.
  • external: Such cookies allow us to collect anonymous and general data about our services from various users so we can compare the results and improve our services. They are placed with external services we rely on, such as Google Analytics, and this makes it easier to learn from users browsing habits and improve our results. They also allow us to connect users with social networks and allow them to share, comment or react to various aspects of the social networking experience.
  • advertising and pixel tags: Advertising and pixel tags: This type of cookie is useful for enabling us to display targeted ads based on your preferences as well as for us to study the efficiency of our advertising (counting the click rate, for instance). 

What does disabling cookies in your browser effect? 

You may cause yourself inconveniences in terms of your browsing use when you decide to disable cookies by default. The website may not be able to recognize your language preferences, time zone or resolution in such cases. Ads that are not interesting to you or in tune with your presence may also be displayed.

Cookies management

Remember that you may change your cookies settings at any time. You can do this from within your browser’s settings. Here is more information on how to do this across some of the most popular Web browsers available: