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Why should I switch to EcoInvoicing with InvoiceOcean?

Shipping paperwork for you and your clients is an unnecessary exploitation of environmental resources:

It absorbs personal resources
It absorbs personal resources: the process of sending, addressing, shipping, queueing at the post office and transporting documents.
Angażuje dodatkowe procesy
Your business can save an estimate of 3.5€ on each invoice if you switch to e-invoicing.
Zwiększa koszty
It's time consuming. Your business can cut the processing times by 80% after the switch.
Zwiększa ryzyko
Traditional invoicing increases the risk of document loss and problems related with retrieving them.
Zwiększa ryzyko niedostarczenia
Paper invoices create an additional need for archiving documents.
Access to paper invoices is not unlimited and requires additional effort.

Follow these 2 easy steps to promote EcoInvoicing and get a discount

1. Insert one of the banners on your page

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2. Submit your link and receive a 30% discount

Be a step up on competition in transitioning to a paperless economy 

Changes are coming: don't wait, stay ahead

The European Commission has established that e-invoicing will be mandatory in Europe in the public sector by 2020. Stay competitive! Let your company become one of the first innovators by going all green! 


Prepare your EcoBusiness

The first step in going green is building company awareness. Changing the method of invoicing from traditional (paper) to electronic sets your business of the traditional approach to ecology. You are already well aware of the fact that recycling saves money and the environment. By going green, your company gains the added benefit of maintaining a good image (PR) and helps the environment while it is at it. Going paperless also makes it easier for your UK-based company to cooperate with modern enterprises and European partners, since the EU values and promotes such solutions. 

Benefits for the environment

Research shows that the transition to electronic invoices can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 000 tonnes per year. That's almost 90% compared with paper correspondence.

Choosing e-invoicing will help protect forests, save electricity, limit environmental pollution and CO2 emissions. Lead the charge and set an example for others!


Benefits for you

By placing our banner on your website, you not only raise environmental awareness among your customers, but also receive a special discount! With one of these banners on your site, you get a 30% discount on any InvoiceOcean plan or a six-month plan extension if your last plan was purchased during the last 30 days.

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