Free Invoice Template for Google Docs

free invoice template

A simple, professional-looking invoice that is ready to use immediately by accessing it via Google Docs. All you need to do is fill it out and send it to your client.


  • Absolutely free of charge, blank invoice template
  • Simple and professional invoice design
  • Fully customizable fields including name, address, items and more


  1. Click on the Access via Google Docs button below

  2. Sign into your Gmail or Google account

  3. When printing, select Margins > None.


  • Invoice ID: An assigned number used to identify the invoice in your own account system.
  • Issue Date: Date on which the invoice has been generated.
  • PO Number: Purchase Order Number - it helps connect corresponding record with you and your client. 
  • Due Date: Date on which the invoice must be paid. 
  • Item: Individual products or services that are being sold. 

Access via Google Docs or Generate invoice online