White Label Invoicing

Focus on developing your core product – we will take care of automating your clients' invoicing

Are you developing a B2B SaaS or marketplace? Add invoicing module to boost the attractiveness of your product. Let your clients send invoices in 30+ languages. Customize our tool as you wish and integrate even within a month. Earn on each invoicing add-on sold in your platform.

InvoiceOcean is a simple invoicing tool, used by over 500,000 companies worldwide. The tool combines functions such as online invoicing, inventory management, online payments, and reporting.

What are the advantages of integration for your SaaS?


Clients can create and send invoices directly from your tool


Invoicing under your own domain


Define the appearance of the invoicing tool


The InvoiceOcean functions you choose


Request features – we will develop them to fit your customers' needs


Earn on each invoicing add-on sold and grow faster


Get featured on the InvoiceOcean’s website as partner

Use Cases


Booking system

Are you offering your clients a booking system? No matter if these bookings are for hotels, beauty salons, or restaurants, your client has to issue an invoice or a receipt for the services. By adding invoicing module, you can make it easier for your clients to run their businesses.


Are you offering platform matching vendors with clients? By integrating InvoiceOcean as a white label to your tool, you can offer more value as your clients won’t have to pay for an additional invoicing software. You also make it more convenient for them, as they can do everything in one place.


Business platforms for sales

Offering your clients a system to sell online? Online courses, handmade products, or dropshipping? By introducing InvoiceOcean as a white label to your product, your platform will become a real time-saver and make a better value for money. Your clients will be able to automate the financial aspects of their business without leaving your platform or paying for an additional tool.

For any industry

Are you offering a tool for insurance agencies, real estate managers, or another industry which bases its daily work on your tool? Adding an invoicing module to your application will help speed up your clients’ work. By making their life easier, you will improve the satisfaction from using your tool and it will help boost loyalty.


InvoiceOcean features that will make your product more attractive

All types of documents
Your clients can send invoices, proforma invoices, partial invoices, prepayment and final, foreign currency sales, reverse charge invoices, receipts, estimates.

All currencies and 30+ languages
Your clients will be able to create bilingual invoices, apply different currency exchange rates and cover foreign sales transactions.

Online payments and payment status
Fast payment for products and services is above all a big time saver that has an impact on your clients’ satisfaction. With InvoiceOcean, your clients will be able to get paid faster for their services and collect payments from their clients more effortlessly.

Charts and reports will help your clients keep track of their cash flow and help make better decisions on spending money and future investments.

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