Why Invoicing Doesn’t Have to Be a Boring Process and Can Be Actually Fun

Mike  Lata (aka Maciej Duraj)

Mike Lata (aka Maciej Duraj), 2018-11-21

Invoicing is a task that many of us loathe. It is part of every freelancer’s and business owner’s repertoire and not something many look forward to. However, it doesn’t have to be that way and invoicing can be a fun way to interact with clients, friends, business partners and other companies.

The reason many of us hate invoicing is because it deals with either having to pay money for a good or service or have to request such funds from someone else that we have to wait extra time in order to receive. Many of us want instant gratification and waiting for payment is not something that is considered fun by any means.

However, invoicing also deals with interaction. We interact with clients through invoicing and get to know their company. We also can improve the workflow as we do not physically have to come to their office to get paid. Invoicing -- particularly eInvoicing using SaaS systems, such as InvoiceOcean UK, -- is an online and instant method to fulfil this interaction.

Many of us forget how it was before the digital boom and the Internet came to being. Invoicing today is a very direct and easy way to interact with our clients and we can get paid a lot quicker in many instances than the traditional paper method of hand delivery.

The mail is not only slow in transit, particularly if we live somewhere outside a metro area or our clients do (or have clients in far away places or other countries), but it is unpredictable and mail can be stolen or misplaced. Sending eInvoices is direct, to the point, and allows us to both have access to the same document from both sides of the income and expense side of the transaction.

This is one way invoicing can be a fun and pleasurable experience: when it is done electronically and instantly. Comparing and remembering traditional methods between clients who live far away using paper can really give us a breather today we have the benefits of the Internet, web apps or SaaS, and eInvoicing on the go with mobile apps.

However, the actual fun in invoicing comes from the fact we get to play with numbers. Playing with numbers is fun because it allows for the thinking part of our brains to get a good exercise. Also, we start to remember all our products or hard work we did when we invoice a client. Thinking of freelance work for instance that we were proud of becomes possible when filling in a field for that service within an invoice.

The other reason invoicing can be fun is that we can unleash our creative spirit within each invoice we create. We can add logos to them for instance to make our company or invoice stand out. We can also add various currencies and other things particularly using InvoiceOcean UK’s software.

When using InvoiceOcean UK, we can add dual currencies within a single invoice, just for fun, showing our clients we know their currencies even if they live across the world. InvoiceOcean UK will also auto convert any currency we wish within an invoice and even without having to have multiple currencies showing on the invoice (but this is an option).

We can also store products and warehouse them when using InvoiceOcean UK's SaaS software and this can be quite fun as well. The product can be named anything we want it to and we can price it the way we want. We can also have multiple warehouses showing and bring all sorts of documents to the products we store in these warehouses.

As you see, invoicing doesn’t have to be a drag or boring process. It can be fun or if not fun at least a soothing experience to work with those numbers and get to know more about our clients. It can also be fun to experiment with things digitally to make invoices stand out; such as the aforementioned logos. Next time you have to send in an invoice, look forward to the experience rather than dragging it out.