This month we have had our first snowfall and as consumers flock to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, delivery services swarm the streets of every major city to deliver early Christmas gifts. We find ourselves submerged in the holiday spirit, as our monthly summary contains new features for warehousing and products.

  1. On the list of warehouse actions, you can find a new filter. The filter can be used to display warehouse actions for a specified period of time.
  2. In the department settings we have added the option for configuring a default tax. This functionality is intended to ease the work of users who conduct international business.

  3. To our list of Invoicing languages we have added Icelandic, this marks the 30th available document language for InvoiceOcean. We would like to remind you of the ability to issue bilingual invoices - using this functionality you can show your professional approach to business by issuing your client an invoice in his mother tongue.
  4. Product or service names that are inserted on invoices can use variables, for instance {{year}}, {{day}}, {{month}}, {{previous_month}}, {{next_month}} and so forth. Products defined in such a way are often used in similar or recurring invoices. The ability to use variables has also be added in the product description and for the product code.
  5. For the purpose of more efficient report generation for a specified period, we have added the option for remembering the time frame. Now, whenever you switch between the available reports in the system the specified date will not be reset.
  6. You can now generate Test documents. To issue such document you first have to enable the function: Test documents available. Test documents are not registered as account statistics.

  7. When deleting an invoice which has associated warehouse documents, the system will prompt to ask whether or not you wish to delete the associated warehouse documents. Before it was necessary to delete warehouse documents manually.
  8. The product list has obtained a new filter - the ability to show products with or without EAN code. This is the first, in a list of many changes that we intend to implement for products that contain barcodes. We encourage you to monitor the latest features to stay up-to-date.

That sums up our latest features, we hope that they will help you wrap up your early Christmas purchases and smoothen your warehousing. As always we encourage you to stay in touch with us using our social media channels, Twitter and Facebook.

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