Work closer and save time

Allow your clients free remote access to their accounting documents and reports through InvoiceOcean Client Panel. By offering this innovative solution you can collaborate more efficiently. It is particularly helpful during periods of intense activity, both for businesses and accountants, by the end of the tax year. Your clients will be relieved and save time on otherwise having to exchange the documents.

How do I add a client to my account?

It's simple. In order to add a client to your InvoiceOcean account, log in and add a new company in main menu. Click on settings, then company / department. From here you can add your clients.

For each company you can create a user who will have access only to their data. Primary user (eg. Accounting office) will have access to every company's invoices and reports. Each company can be managed using the same login and password and switched easily using the top menu.


Client privileges

Wondering what your client will be able to see after receiving access to your account?  You can determine user roles by giving them access to specific departments or full Admin privileges. 

Full access under one price

New, unified InvoiceOcean for Accounting Offices pricing lets you enjoy all of the available standard features with unlimited possibility of adding new clients.

Do you run an accounting office and have a good relationship with your clients? Great.
All you need is efficient document sharing without the need to keep sending them back and forth.

Features for accounting offices

Features *£230 / year
Number of supported companies / clients pricing
Storage of expense scans  
Data export to accounting softwares, e.g. Raks SQL, CDN Optima and Symfonia  
Unique domain  
Companies can log into the software from your website  
Individual and collective company reports  
Every company has access to their invoices (as separate users)  

Pricing for accounting offices

Number of supported companies *£230 / year
10 accounts £230 / year
20 accounts £390 / year
30 accounts £540 / year
40 accounts £660 / year
50 accounts £860 / year
100 accounts £1480 / year

*Price for up to 10 client accounts on the Professional plan

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